Inhouse Training

Anti-Money Laundering Training – In-house Training

To cope with the requirement for the continuous training for all staff at appropriate times, we offer in-house anti-money laundering training. Each firm is different in their approach and requirements for compliance and their specific policy and procedures. Firms are varied sizes, with differing levels of expertise and distinct types of clients and works undertaken.

As such these training sessions can be tailored to meet your own firm’s individual requirements, your policies, and your procedures. Full notes for future reference are given to each attendee. The sessions can be the popular face to face type of training or online through zoom or teams, whichever your firm utilises or finds more convenient.

You will find our fees very competitive & straight forward, with no hidden charges.

Please contact us for a quote.

Guest Speaking and Seminars

We have provided Guest Speaking service to various Associations/Organisations across the country. Our speakers who are veterans of numerous seminars and talks on anti-money laundering, many with the National Crime Agency Dialogue Team, and are available to talk at events around the UK.

Our team is committed to working with you. We remain focused on our goal of helping you deliver a successful event every time.