Anti-Money Laundering Training

anti-money laundering training sessionsAnti-Money Laundering Training

Ensuring your business is compliant with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations can be daunting. We can help by offering anti-money laundering training that it meets the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations 1.

In summary, a person in the organisation must take appropriate measures so that all relevant employees of theirs are:

  1. Made aware of the law relating to money laundering and terrorist financing; and
  2. Regularly given training in how to recognise and deal with transactions and other activities which may be related to money laundering and terrorist financing.


How can we help with Anti-Money Laundering Training?

We provide both face-to-face training as well as online training seminars to the firm. Firms can choose which format they prefer. During the training sessions, we will have a “questions and answers” session where we can answer any questions that may arise. Each training session can be tailored to the level of responsibility of the employee and their level of responsibility.

It is understandable that some firms prefer to have only online training sessions whilst others prefer to have in-house face-to-face training sessions. We are happy to provide either online or in-house sessions or even both if this is desired.


Experience and Expertise

The team here have a wealth of experience in offering AML training to businesses throughout the UK, having organised and presented over 100 seminars. We are also proud to have also provided “Guest Speaking” services to various professional associations. We have also presented at supervisory body ‘road shows’ and written and lectured at all day master classes. You can be confident that the training you receive will be quality and complete.

Contact Us to book your Anti-Money Laundering Training

Please contact us today to discuss and arrange your training sessions. We will be happy to help.

1 Read the full Anti-Money Laundering Regulations at the UK Legislation Website.