Money Laundering Regulations

The additional burden of the anti-money laundering regime has bought into an already overflowing plethora of money laundering regulations and compliance procedures of firms and businesses demands for the highest standards of compliance from the respective supervisory bodies.

The money laundering regulations require firms to adopt policies and procedures to reduce the risk of money laundering taking place within their business. They are to help the individual fulfil their obligation to report suspicious activity under POCA.

The Regulations gives rise to compulsory registration and supervision for compliance for all firms in the regulated sector regardless of membership of professional associations. The 2007 regulations also give rise to the “risk based” approach under which firms assess their risks according to a number of criteria and operate their policies and procedures according to that risk assessed and then demonstrate that to their supervisor.

If professionals and practitioners alike are to avoid the potential pitfalls associated with any failure to understand their legal responsibilities or breach of the regulations, good training, guidance and support may be vital.


BTC Consultancy Services

BTC Corporate & Compliance recognises the unique regulatory crime compliance requirements, of the non-financial professionals, such as accountancy, estate agency and high value dealer firms. No matter which sector you operate in or who your supervisory body is.

We can provide you with a bespoke consulting or training service, which will help your firm, make common sense of the complex regulatory and legal environment in which you operate. We can offer ‘tool kits’ to start you on the path of the compliance culture.

If required, our experts will work with you to identify your areas of risk and help you evaluate your management policies and procedures to suit your specific requirements. Working with you at all stages we will provide the guidance you need to develop your knowledge and continue the on-going support that you need.

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