Facial Recognition

Triple Check – The most robust and reliable AML solution on the market

TripleCheck is a pioneering new electronic KYC and AML solution that combines three highly sophisticated verification methods. Level one is the identification, verification and screening process; level 2 is Facial Recognition and level 3 is Digital Fraud Checks. Together they are TripleCheck, the most powerful, robust and reliable all-in-one AML platform on the market.

Level 1: Identification and Verification with Sanction and PEP screening – using dual bureau Credit Reference Agency (CRA) data and the Dow Jones Global WatchList (1,100 +) to perform a full AML check, with automatic Sanction and PEP screening.

Level 2: Facial Recognition, Document Capture and Liveness Appraisal – combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and the latest biometric facial recognition techniques to provide you with a true picture of your customer.

Level 3: Digital Fraud Checks with Data Referencing and Triangulation – utilises various Digital Elements (DEs) to create robust and simple to understand fraud risk indicators to deliver an overall risk score. A dashboard provides detailed information to support additional due diligence enabling you to further investigate high-risk events.

Triple Check – a unique AML solution

By bringing together all these elements – terrestrial data verification, AI document scrutiny with biometrics, SLV facial recognition and digital fraud checks – SmartSearch has created a highly advanced, robust and reliable identification and verification solution.
With TripleCheck, SmartSearch has combined its three most advanced technologies – market-leading AML checks, sophisticated facial recognition techniques and robust fraud checks – to create the most powerful and effective AML solution on the market.