Smart Search platform upgrade

Smart Search platform upgrade

Important Service Update 

We are required to inform you of this service upgrade. 

The Smart Search platform upgrade is coming soon!

In response to feedback, and as part of their commitment to continuous improvement, SmartSearch is pleased to announce that we will shortly be upgrading your platform.

Built using the latest technology, the upgraded platform will ensure SmartSearch will remain at the forefront of the industry with exciting new features, whilst keeping the core functionality the same. 


  • A new modern and seamless look 
  • New features to improve usability 
  • Improved service and performance levels 
  • Built on the latest technology, to enable a continuously evolving solution

When will this change take place?

The migration window will commence from late July.

What about my data?

Your data will continue to be the number one priority and is hosted exclusively in the UK, with all security controls being maintained during the migration process and beyond.