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Money Laundering Compliance Limited is a member of the Business Tax Centre Group of companies. We provide a range of business support services to the professionals in practice, including anti-money laundering and Bribery Act compliance. The company is run by qualified personnel in Accountancy, Business Law and Money Laundering Compliance.

The Money Laundering Regulations are an integral part of the UK Governments fight against serious and organised crime. The Money Laundering Regulations are a part of the UK Governments action plan to disrupt and deter financial crime and possible terrorist financing through reducing the likelihood of legitimate businesses being used, knowingly or unwittingly, for money laundering purposes. The Regulations require all obliged entities to be registered for supervision by the appropriate supervisory body. At Money Laundering Compliance, we provide a range of anti-money laundering services to professional companies that include top 50 UK Accountancy practices to Sole practitioners in many sectors including estate agents and high value dealers.

Steve O’Neill of the Business Tax Centre Group is a member of the International Compliance Association which has set the market standard for setting out anti-money laundering compliance for the UK financial sector staff.  Steve has gained two graduate diplomas through the ICA, he is also making worthwhile contributions to UK’s fight against money laundering by working on various Government steering groups and panels. He is currently a member of the National Risk Assessment Panel, whose findings to be published in 2014 which will form the basis of the Governments approach and its mitigation of risk in implementing the next set of Money Laundering Regulations.   For more information on us and how we can help you contact us today.

Money Laundering Regulations

Benefit from a range of compliance support services including;


Customer verification, Publications, Consultancy, and Training

Our help and guidance services can actively support you and your business through the day to day compliance issues and help in systems development for supervisory purposes.


Bribary Act 2010
The new ‘Corporate Responsibility Offence’ within the Act has placed an extra burden of compliance on many firms. We can help your business achieve good adherence to the spirit of the Act though;

Risk assessment
HR and training requirements
Internal policies, and
Systems development

Latest News

  • Customer Verification Biometric Facial Recognition
    May 13, 2020

    New Service – Customer Verification Biometric Facial Recognition, We are now pleased to be able in addition to our usual EV solutions add Biometric Facial Recognition to the customer onboarding process for both UK and overseas individual checks.

  • Unexplained wealth orders
    April 12, 2018

    As part of The Criminal Finances Act UWOs, require individuals to explain various issues about an asset, including how it was obtained, including the source of the wealth, have been recently introduced to the UK.

  • Policies and Procedures AML Regulations 2017
    June 23, 2017

    A complete set of templates which aids in the requirements in the Regulations for risk sensitive policies and procedures which are able to demonstrate to a supervisor your firm’s specific policies, controls & procedures for AML

  • Anti Money Laundering verification platform
    June 23, 2017

    Access to the SmartSearch Platform through Business Tax Centre is on a ‘pay as you have used basis’ with no formal contractual amount payable, pay for your usage only.

  • Offshore Assets
    March 2, 2017

    Offshore Assets HMRC has published guidance on a letter which tax advisers and financial institutions may need to send to clients who have income or assets overseas, explaining its wider powers to exchange tax information with other jurisdictions and urging anyone who is in doubt about their offshore tax position to seek advice Accountants and [...]