Customer Verification using Biometric Facial Recognition

Customer Verification using Biometric Facial Recognition

Customer Verification using Facial Recognition

Verification using facial recognition is becoming an increasingly popular part of the customer on-boarding process. Under government COVID-19 regulations, many prospective clients are no longer able to present their documents in person or using physical documents. With continued restrictions on social contact, firms that rely on paper-based ID checks are facing significant business disruption. These include:

  1. Lockdowns can make it difficult for individuals to get to post offices to send ID documents.
  2. There is an increased risk of contamination when sending physical documents.
  3. Working from home can sometimes make it risky to send sensitive personal data to staff home addresses.

How can we help?

Our electronic verification (EV) services solve all these issues so that regulated firms can carry on serving clients without disruption. In addition to our usual EV solutions, we offer Biometric Facial Recognition as part of the customer on-boarding process. These services apply to both UK and overseas individual checks.

This helps to mitigate the risk that the “Customer not present” element of the Money Laundering Regulations presents when customers are unable to send physical identification.


Customer Verification using Facial Recognition: How does it work?

It is a simple process which uses digital copies of documents rather than their physical counterparts. A good scanned copy of any government issued document which features the customer’s face, such as a passport, can be used. The digital copy can be verified either by:

  • uploading it directly from the customer’s computer or
  • sending the client an upload link via a free SMS

The customer is verified using biometric facial recognition on the digital document. The results include both a check on the document as well as facial recognition information. This is in addition to the usual AML UK residential report.


Customer Verification using Facial Recognition: How much does it cost?

The biometric facial recognition element is £15 + VAT in addition to the normal UK search rate.

This offers incredible value in completing the on-boarding process in these difficult times. Furthermore, under proposed UK Government consultations it is likely that biometric facial recognition will become the preferred method of customer verification.

Please contact us for more details or to arrange a quote. You may also be interested in our enhanced facial recognition service which uses TripleCheck.