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31/01/2009 Human trafficker and Benefit Fraudster to payback £42K

January 26, 2009  |   General News & Cases   |     |   0 Comment

The first ever case of human trafficking in Cheshire ended on 23 January 2009, with the sentencing of Cai Hong Yang, 44, at Warrington Crown Court. Yang received 16 months for the police charges against her, and an additional four months for charges of benefit fraud, brought against her by the ...

Ongoing Monitoring – What are the practical implementations for existing clients?

January 03, 2009  |   General Information & FAQ's   |     |   0 Comment

Do the requirements to carry out ongoing monitoring of customer due diligence measures and client’s business relationships mean that you must obtain a passport and utility bill from your existing clients or that you must investigate all the business affairs of your clients? For many existing clients which date from 1 ...

01/01/09 Important Notice for Accountancy Service Providers who have failed to apply for Money Laundering Regulations Registration.

January 01, 2009  |   HMRC News and Guidance,Professional Bodies   |     |   0 Comment

If you are in business as an Accountancy Service Provider and are required to register with HMRC or an approved professional body under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 you are trading illegally if you missed the deadline of 1 January 2009 and may be liable to a penalty or criminal ...