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Customer Verification – Electronic individual report

CDD Complete compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations or the Bribery Act

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See how to run a Smart Search UK individual report  How To…Run a UK Individual Search. See a sample report Individual Sample Report – Pass

The Smart Search report ‘Powered by Experian’

SmartSearch, (we are a certified partner of SmartSearch) is the most powerful anti-money laundering verification service available in the market today. It has been proved as a compliant search under the Regulations. SmartSearch is the only AML Platform of its type where you can perform both Business and Consumer AML checks. Other unique features include email alerts to MLROs when Sanction, PEP or SIP matches are encountered; also included is ongoing monitoring of all client records.

SmartSearch accesses the widest sources of data such as Full Electoral Roll, Experian’s Consumers Credit Data (CIAS), The Global Fraud Alliance Data and Bank and Card validation services; it also features a unique alert service that sends a warning to you when high risk alerts are triggered.

SmartSearch is uniquely partnered with and powered by Experian, the global information services company and the Global Fraud Alliance to allow you to verify your clients quickly and with confidence.  It offers one of the highest match and pass rates available, this ‘quantity of value’ is backed up by a ‘quality of information’ score for the  relevant returned matches. This allows the user to have a higher confidence concerning the not only of the relevance of the information bit also of the quality when using the report for compliance purposes.

SmartSearch can be configured to meet your “Risk Based Policy” allowing higher levels of checks to be undertaken if and when required. It also offers a unique “High Risk Alert” service to ensure that you are undertaking Enhanced Due Diligence when required. These alerts are ensuring you are always in control and can be sure that the proper Due Diligence is undertaken.

Most fines issued by Supervisors have been imposed not because the organisation did NOT have controls, but because they simply could not demonstrate that checks had been undertaken. It is also a requirement in both sets of legislation’s to have risk management policies in place to check if a customer is a Politically Exposed Person and many organisations that rely solely on paper based documents may not be employing effective methods to do so.

BTC SmartSearch not only checks the PEP’s database but against other alert listings, including ‘deceased persons files’ of both Government and insurance companies and the Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance Scheme (CIFAS) database of known identity theft, impersonation and first party fraud either as an offender or victim, as well as HM Treasury and other designated nationals sanction listings.

SmartSearch quite simply offers the widest and most comprehensive selection of individual checks available on the market.

Verification Reports – On a pay as you go basis

• Complete verification report, ML Regulations and Bribery Act compliant
• Unique High Risk Alert Service
• Widest range of data sets available on the market including Experian’s data and The Global Fraud Alliance Data
• Highest Match & Pass Rates
• PEP, SIP and OFAC sanction searches as standard with ongoing daily monitoring
• CIFAS and deceased persons files searches
• Replaces or supplements documentary evidence
• No client specific consent required
• Can be set for normal or high risk
• Certification of documents such as a passport, DL or credit card
• Non contractual basis – no minimum requirement

Electronic verification with the SmartSearch is very effective as a main system of anti-money laundering identity verification procedures or as a supplement to your existing methods for those awkward cases that from time to time arise, allowing you to commence work with only the minimum amount of fuss in a cost effective manner.

Refer – Second Search on Equifax

A unique feature for SmartSearch is on those few occasions the Experian report returns a refer rather than a pass, the system will automatically perform a second search on Equifax, on many occasions this will return a pass cutting down on the time and inconvenience to both you and your client verifying the client by other means. This second search does attract an additional address search charge if a pass is obtained. If this second search again returns a refer no charge will be made to you.

New Service – Customer Verification Biometric Facial Recognition

We are now pleased to be able in addition to our usual EV solutions add Biometric Facial Recognition to the customer onboarding process for both UK and overseas individual checks.

This additional element combines both verification of a government issued document which if you have a good copy of you can load directly from your computer or send an upload link to your client via a free SMS message which is required for the Facial Recognition element, the results include both document check and facial recognition results as well as your normal AML UK residential report.

These two additional stages of verification use very high tech software and processes and as such come with a cost. This additional element of will be charged on a pay as you go basis.

Please see How To… Conduct Facial Recognition on a UK Individual Search

Further benefits for you:-

• Report by report basis – no minimum order or subscription fees
• FREE advice & support to you on verification matters, it’s all part of the service
• Fully qualified personnel in Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud and Financial Crime Prevention (ICA)

Only Account holders can use this service.

When opening your account for this service you will asked for either your Supervisor Details for the Money Laundering Regulations or as a firm complying with the Bribery Act, your Data Protection Act registration number with the Information Commissioners Office.

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