SmartSearch Gains ICAEW Affinity Statue

SmartSearch Gains ICAEW Affinity Statue

ICAEW Member Rewards Partnership

SmartSearch are the preferred supplier of KYC and AML solutions for the Institute of Chartered Accounts England & Wales, we work with many of the largest Accountancy Firms, providing a total solution for Accounting Firms for Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence.

Business & Individual AML Verifications on a single Platform

SmartSearch is the only AML Platform of its type where you can perform both Business and Consumer AML checks. Other unique features include email alerts to MLROs when Sanction, PEP or SIP matches are encountered; also included is ongoing monitoring of all enhanced client records.

The award winning SmartSearch software platform delivers both Business and Individual AML verification services providing major reductions in red tape bureaucracy, time and cost for Client Firms. A Business AML check can be completed in less than 3 minutes, with Individual checks taking as little as 30 seconds. Neither of these processes require documents to be supplied by customers so you can get on with the business of servicing your clients from day one.

SmartSearch’s Principal Data Partner is Experian providing SmartSearch with access to over 1 billion data items to enable our positive AML verification process. Dow Jones provides SmartSearch with their “Watch List” to enable negative screening of Sanction and PEP checks. SmartSearch updates this Watch List daily which further enables our daily monitoring service.

ICAEW Affinity

The SmartSearch has recently been chosen as the Affinity Partner to provide electronic Anti-money Laundering (AML) Verification for the ICAEW. As a consequence of this partnership we have special discounted pricing arrangements for ICAEW Members, simply quote your membership number to us to qualify for this.

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