02.09.09 BTC to participate in HMRC Forum for TCSP’s

02.09.09 BTC to participate in HMRC Forum for TCSP’s

Steve O’Neill of Business Tax Centre has been chosen to be a part of HMRC’s supervisory forum for Trust and Company Service Providers. This is the second such forum organised by HMRC, the first being one for large money service businesses.

The forums organised by HMRC’s ‘Money Laundering Regulations Team’ meet regularly to facilitate discussions where information is shared, presentations given. These forums are to share best practice tips and ideas and to support the supervisory regime through open dialogue and engagement so that HMRC supervisory and compliance teams and the businesses they supervise can improve their compliance efforts.

The first meeting of the TCSP’s forum is to be held in London on 5th October 2009. Steve O’Neill will report back on this blog of matters arising and of supervisory ideas and best practice generated at these meetings.

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