How do I find out more?


What we have discussed in this training session is the starting point for all. It is your step into a culture of compliance being created by your firm. We give all taking this training 14 days to revisit any section or all of the training. You may for example revisit some aspects after looking at your firms’ policies and procedures. Some areas are more complex than others and some regulated activities are more complex and risk adverse than others.

Your firm will continue to train you at regular intervals as it becomes relevant. It may be because of a change to account opening procedures or working practices your firm has identified necessary to mitigate a particular risk. It is as with CDD, an ongoing process of help, support and education.

For further reading and information gathering to aid you in further in your learning you will find the following links useful;

We issue a certificate of training to all who have completed the course, after taking a simple test. If you are ready to take the test click the link below. If you feel unsure, revisit the sections you need to over the 14 day period.

If you do not pass the test first time, you can retake it. On successful completion of the test we will issue with a certificate of training showing your achievement.


Take the test to receive your certificate of training!