04.11.10 FATF to add Tax Crimes as a ‘Predicate offence’ for money laundering

The Financial Action Task Force in its consultation document ‘Preparation for the 4th Round of Mutual Evaluations’ states that is considering including tax crimes as a predicate offence for money laundering in the context of its recommendation 1. More precisely, it proposes to amend the list of designated categories of predicate offences for money laundering as follows:

To clarify the current designated category of smuggling by referring to: smuggling including in relation to customs and excise duties and taxes.

To add a separate designated offence category: tax crimes – related to direct taxes and indirect taxes.

09.09.09 Proposed amendments to Jersey’s Anti-Money Laundering Legislation

The Jersey Financial Services Commission has published a consultation paper concerning proposed amendments to the ‘Money Laundering (Jersey) Order 2008’.

The Money Laundering (Jersey) Order 2008’ requires Regulated businesses to apply policies and procedures for the prevention and reporting of money laundering. These include policies and procedures for customer due diligence, record keeping, and reporting ‘suspicious activity concerning money laundering and terrorist financing.